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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Just Mohabbat Title Song Lyrics | Sony Tv

Chinchinakii Bablaboo is the title song lyrics of 1996 drama Just Mohabbat which aired on Sony Tv.The show is directed by Tony Singh & Deeya Singh and produced by DJ's A Creative Unit.The title track of Just Mohabbat is sung by Raju Singh.

Just Mohabbat (1996) Title Song Lyrics

Chinchinakii Bablaboo
Zindagi Mein Sau Dukh..What To Do..What To Do
Chinchinaki Bablaboo
Zindagi Mein No Sukh What To Do..What To Do

Hey Don't Worry Fy ,Simply Karo Fy Just Mohabbat
Milti Nahinkhushi Baazar Mein Dost Milte Hain Kum Sansaar Mein
No..No ..No Mein Nahin Maanta
Tum Jo Chaho Woh Milega
Life Mein Mazaa Aake Rahega
Sirf Karna Hai Tumko Ek Try

Hey Don't Daro Fy Simply Karo Fy
Just Mohabbat
Just Mohabbat

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